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Market Research and Insights for Sellers

At Tomlinson Sotheby’s International Realty, we take great pride in our real-time knowledge of the market and properties available, as well as the market trends that may have huge impacts on when you might choose to sell your home, what strategy will be employed and what sort of final outcome you might expect. Often this valuable information coupled with a comprehensive marketing program with a strong, local, regional and global reach will make the diference between listing your home and selling your home.

Key market information and long term trend forcasting can also make the difference between buying the home of your dreams and missing the home of your dreams. Our market is unique as it is a place where many people choose to retire to there dream, golf, ski, waterfront or ranch property. Often we meet these buyers many years before they ultimately purchace their dream home while they are here on vacation our attending any one of the many annual events our region is known for. The common thread between many of these individuals is that many of them have a “Five year plan”. They are wanting to secure their future dream in the Inland Northwest while winding down their carreer and selling their current home.

Market trends are extreamly important in these cases as where pricing is going on the particular property type they are looking at will ultimately affect the strategy nessesary to aquire it.

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